Friday, September 18, 2009

back on blogger :)

oh gosh, setelah sekian lama gw maless menulis, here i am, BACK ON BLOGGER! hihihihi :)

hip hip hooray! ;) :) ;9 :D

so, setalah gw pikir2, sepertinya gw tau alasan why i've been missing from this blogging thing. well, mungkin karena when i started, ini tuh cuma buat tugas dari dosen, so after it was completed, i thought that there wasn't any point in making anymore post.
gw lupa pada fakta bahwa gw punya banyak curhatan, dan suka menulis, tapi malessss, dan alangkah lebih mudahnya mengetikk :) hihihi, and that's why i'm back here.


percaya ga percaya yahh, tapi seorang CLARISSA TRACY PRISCILLA, beranggapan bahwa things that you say makes it more real, but when it's written it's VALIDATED.

gw punya diary gogirl! di rumah, dan itu pun udah LAMA bgt ga gw tulis2, yahh berdasarkan, semenjak my absence on blogger and that diary, shitty things happen and even though i remember it, and it's in my head, and i'm able to replay it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, but when i write it down, it goes to another level of REAL. it's VALID. it's ADMITTED, and honestly, ga smua hal yg terjadi sama gw belakangan ini pngen gw akuin sebagai hal yg bener2 terjadi.

wanna know what REALLY happens? stay posted :)

l o v e ,

clarissa .

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a tribute to the moonwalking man :') -- RIP MJ

the world mourned when the passing away of our Michael Jackson was announced.


Michael Jackson was the king in the 80's music industry. starting his career as a young child with his siblings, he climbed up the music charts and broke the racial barrier in MTV at the present time, claiming his throne as the KING OF POP.

However, many of these images fade away as his life goes on and controversies follow. With his incessant plastic surgeries, child molestation cases, and him dangling his son from a hotel balcony, the KING of POP gradually changes to KING of ODD.

Even so, the world is just a tad bit more colorless without his presence.

MJ had difficulties in coping with his pressured life, but let us remember that person who once moved us to tears with his "HEAL THE WORLD", who wow'ed us with his moonwalk, whose high thrilling voice will always be resounding in our ears.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

an itty bitty breaking news >>happy 4 months :)

for my beloved general, Steven Simanjuntak . .


smoga tambah sabar ngadepin aku yang gampang steres dan nyolot slalu yaa ;)
maav yaa suka marah2, curigaan, and gk konsen klo ditelvn. .
hehhe . .

love ya baby blue hihihihi ;)

i miss you :'(

type-ex aku udah abis.
bliin lagi. hehhe ;P

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a little CD - - my crazy int1


*a little about
a part of my blog where i get to be a bit narcissistic and write about . . .



well, i think i've mentioned it before, and as some of you may know, i work as an english teacher at ILP :) *one of the best too if i might add . .
hehhe :)

i teach kids in the early afternoon and then mostly junior high and senior high students and ended with teaching the "more seasoned people" at night . .
well, in my 1-and-a-half year of teaching, i've met some very awesome individuals. the way my students are never cease to amaze me. teaching is like endless learning. i LOVE it --though it IS part of why i am a bit too tired lately :'(

anyway, term ini, one of my favorite class is my intermediate1 class.
they're filled with 15 AWESOME human beings --hopefully after this post is posted, they won't turn into monsters. lol . .

yeahh, last friday was a lesson about SPECULATING. so i told each of them beforehand to bring something, anything, and wrap it so the other students won't know what's in it. the "gifts" would then be collected and everyone has to SPECULATE (or guess) what's in it . they should produce sentences like "it sounds like . . . it may be a . . . blalala"

anyway, so everytime i teach this lesson, i pretend it's my birthday. and it was so fun last friday.

students : "miss, pretend to go outside dong miss. so it's like a surprise party. and you pretend to be terharu gitu miss"
crazy teacher : "OKOK!"

and we did it. and i pretended to be all touched and cried like a cheap actress on indonesian sinetrons. hahha :)

anyway, i brought my "CAKE" -- it was made of pisang molen and cabe rawit PLUS a candle (those candles used in case of a blackout. the ugly white ones ;P

and it was fun . .

i told them it was REHEARSAL for my upcoming birthday on the 29th . .

they all wrapped their "gifts" VERY nicely. . i told them they can have it all back but they decided to give it to me :D *yippie.

Putri, one of my students, wrapped her gift with like ONE WHOLE NEWSPAPER! it took me SO LONG to open it . . n it was FRUITELLA inside :)
DESFI, ARDI, AMEL, and most of my students gave me CANDY and CHOCOLATE --they may think i'm underfed . . how could that be!? i'm as fat as ever! huhhu ..

anyway, i also got a BROKEN BINOCULARS from ufan. i don't know how it worked when it wasn't broken though because when i turned the knob all the lenses did was get closer and pinch my nose. hahha. i don't know.

my FAVORITE gift, honestly, was a bubble gun from anas. it's shaped as an elephant, and i'm still trying to figure out how the elephant trunk is supposed to SUCK in the bubble, but i'll find out later ;)

i was so happy when i got this. i think it showed. my students probably think that i was an unhappy child hahha :) but really, it's cute. when you're older, you can't buy toys. it's embarrasing. haha :) lucky me, right? thanks anas! ;P


well, another thing that made my day and also RUINED my day was a gift from one of the "evil being" in my class, mr HASYIM RIZKY. he wrapped his gift so nicely. well he put cotton and another little box inside it. in the middle of the cotton were a necklace and a bracelet with letters on them.

chacca : "hasyim, what does this necklace say. . "chocowe ? ? ? " (while holding the necklace trying to figure it out)
hasyim : "we love chacca miss. tapi the letter 'A'nya abis. jadi aku ganti pake 'O'. jadi WE LOVE CHOCHO" *the whole class laughed*

hahahhahahaa. isn't that sweet. i think the wrong letters actually made it SO MUCH CUTER :)

anyway. remembering that he's a bit EVIL, i know that wasn't it. and i told my other student, AMEL, to open the little box. it was wrapped with, again, SO MUCH PAPER. hmmph. *curiousity grows larger* and scared a bit, too. .

and suddenly, amel told me to come see what was inside, i KNEW it was something EEW.
and i was right, i'm SO AFRAID of rats and it was those gooey jelly rats ugh! i was like screaming but then, remembering my dignity *at least, what's left of it hahah* i decided to stop the chaos and put the little RAT *eew* back in its cage. hohhhh!

anyway, messy that it was, i LOVED last friday. it was absolute FUN! :)

i reminded them again that it should only be a REHEARSAL for my REAL birthday :) hahha . .
and they said "oh gitu yahh miss. so on your real birthday, then REAL RAT, yahh miss?

oh no!
evil monsters.
hahha :)

i love them though.

laughters in the calamity of my weariness ROCKS :)

i love being a teacher. .

hehhe :)

thanks for reading this ..

my day's fun right ?

ms. clarissa tracy priscilla --chacca.

with the damn rat --
*i gathered all my courage to take this picture*

LOVEBOX - - t h a t EX of m i n e

i haven't posted anything as often as before. due to the hectic and tiring life i lead. don't mean to sound ungrateful and whiny. but i've been exhausted. sorry :'(

anyway. .

it's my 2nd post on LOVEBOX. and i choose a topic that i think everyone of us should have which is . .

hmmph . .

i choose to make the word "THAT" in bold to emphasize the significance of that person as our ex.
but to even broaden the "horizon", in this post, u don't even have to think about "EX" as in girlfriend or boyfriend, merely a person that has left a bit of a tinge in your hearts and lives.


well, as we grow up from teenagers, young adults, to be a fully developed ADULTS, we learn bit by bit about this thing called "ROMANCE", yes? it's rare that we find THE ONE on our first try, and if you did, well lucky you! ;) but more often we go from one trial to another. some are more meaningful than others .

based on so many people that i hang out with, despite the difference in all of us, when it comes to relationships, we all have "THAT ex" . .

what is "THAT ex", clarissa ? ?

ok well,
THAT ex is he/she that was in your life as your 'significant someone' --i didn't say boyfriend or girlfriend ok? now, he/she was the one that MADE YOUR DAY and PUT BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR STOMACH. might be the one that gave you your first kiss. or the one you had been with the longest. the one you shared secrets with. the one that made you feel what being "stupidly in love" is. or well, add your own definition . .

anyway, he/she then left your life. i don't mean, he/she dies or goes away or anything. in most cases, this he/she just changes status from being your "significant someone" to being "a mere acquaintance". this process of change can be done nicely, or PAINFULLY *thoughtful smile* think of your own story . .

the definition above can be used for just an "EX" though . .

what's so special now?

well. THAT ex is also the person that you still care about. your stomach still churns when you hear their name being said. when someone says anything bad about them, you try SO DAMN HARD to hold your tongues so you don't defend them to the end. when you hear something bad happens to them, you try so hard not to care but then you still do. in most cases, THAT ex is the person whose face pops into your head when you have absolutely nothing to think about, and that face makes you smile.

most people would think that i'm writing this because i'm still hanging on.
the tone of writing is deceiving, perhaps . .

but this post is only to bring out the "curhatters" in you ;)

i'm guessing. almost absolutely sure that all of us has THAT ex . .

willing to spill ?
or tell me about what makes a person qualify to be "THAT ex"? ?

comment, please :)


clarissa tracy priscilla

Friday, April 3, 2009

polling review . numero uno .


(kadang cewe tuh yang emang PENGEN diboongin)

well. based on the polling . .

85% agree with this statement and the other 15% disagree . .

gw pribadi . . . . . .
*drumroll . .

agree . .

mnrt gw, sebagai seorang cwe, kadang emang kita yang pilih untuk diboongin . .

simple example .

* when you look crappy, and you ask your boo "baby, am i pretty today?" i mean you ALREADY know that you look like shit that day, YET you expect the answer to be "of course you are" (which is a LIE - hahahahaha) and when he answers with the truth, "nah. not really, sweets" there's a fight waiting for him right?
hahah . .

ok that may be too simple .
you'll probably say . .

"iyaa sihh ..
tapi khan itu HUMAN NATURE. to want to HEAR the good, right?"

ok so . .

let's make this personal . .

i think most girls would have a lot of similarity with this one though (unfortunately)

personal confession : this was about 2 and a half years ago. when i was in a relationship with a guy, let's call him Mr.X well. we were ON and OFF due to INFIDELITY -on his side :'( boo hoo.

but well, as time goes by, we had one of our best try at the end of our 3rd grade in high school but then again, that one CRASHED and BURNT. tapi selalu, everytime my relationship was about to end with him, i hear stories about him and this girl and that girl and lalallala and i chose to ignore it. i chose to just go on with the "great" relationship i was in. gw memilih untuk tutup mata, tutup telinga, dan jalanin berdasarkan hati gw, which BIT me IN THE ASS. hahhahah!

o well, i'm wiser now.
no hard feelings on mr. X he's still one of my most beloved :)

but the point is .
truthfully, if you think about this . .

i think YESS sometimes, us girls, choose to be lied to.
mungkin bukan LIE as in you want something UNTRUE to come out of the person's mouth tapi LIE as in, lo lebih baik gak tau kbenarannya kalo itu nyakitin . .

care to back me up even more?
or call me a traitor to my own kind?
haha ..

spill it out . .

and don't forget to do a new poll at the end of the page, yes? thanks ;)

l o v e ,

clarissa tracy priscilla.

Monday, March 30, 2009

EYES&EARS - - act of kindness

this is my 2nd blog under this section . .

it's actually based on something i just saw today, March 30th 2009


today, i rode the bus home. i crossed the bridge in front of Le Meridien to get to the other side of Jl. Jend. Sudirman. under the bridge, there's this woman.
i've seen her two times already. both times that i saw her, she was wearing the same flowered dress, well, more like "daster". she wasn't dirty but everyone around knows that she's mm . . crazy because she plays with old Aqua cups and spits out the plastic incessantly. she doesn't disturb anybody. she is JUST THERE.

now today, i saw a 640 bus passed. its route is Ps. Minggu-Tn.Abang (pardon my expertise on public transportation :) i ride the bus a lot these days, and i tend to observe). as usual, the "kenek" -- i really have no clue what "kenek" is in english, sorry -- got off the bus and yelled its route to get more passengers, but what i hadn't expected was that he approached the crazy woman and handed her a Rp1000 bill. he just put it in her hand and got back in his bus. i looked at him. first, he didn't see me but as the bus passed by, he saw me. i smiled and he smiled, SINCERELY.

ok. so maybe this doesn't sound too exciting. it doesn't make you cry your eyes out or anything. it didn't make me weep, either. but it made me feel EASIER about my day.

Rp1000 is not a lot. it doesn't really buy anything these days. but the way, he approached her and had the realization that someone else needed it more than him, that deserves a standing ovation. taking just a bit of your time and attention to give it to someone else, that's BIG.

i'm a christian, and it says in my bible, that true GIVING is when you give out of your own lacking, and that's exactly what that "kenek" man did.

the other thing i noticed was how EASY that smile he gave me was. it was as if "it's alll gooood". it wasn't those cheap smiles guys give girls that look like he just wants a piece of your ass *those nasty smiles. UGH.* it was SINCERE. and that's rare to find these days.

kalo kita denger kata "kebaikan" or "kindness", the images that come to mind may be of giving millions to charity, or going to a poor section of the country to adopt a needy kid, or donating to an orphanage, etcetc. these great images are actually what make us put off being nice.

i often think "ahh. baru bisa ngasihh sgini, ntar aj lahh klo bisa ngasii more" yadayadayada.

we forget that the littlest things MATTER.

even a smile, or a "thank you" can be meaningful.
in this day and age full of depression and hatred, those things can really turn it around.

so care,
show just how bright you truly shine.
smile once in a while, you don't know whose day you've just brightened.
plus, it's free. what harm could it possibly do?

be thankful. and show that you are :)

*i promise : tomorrow, i'll practice smiling nicely no matter how much i want to scream due to any stress in my life. just smile. that's it :)

i'm not trying to be a saint. don't mean to sound like one, either.

merely a girl trying to have more sincerity in this hypocritical world we're living in.

is that really too much?

hmm . .
what have you observed today?
any act of kindness of your own?
whose day have you brightened?

tell me.
i'd love to hear it.

l o v e ,

clarissa tracy priscilla.